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Bottles, Chickens, and Big Poes

The four bottles, the Chickens, and the 10 Big Poe's

Bottles can be used to hold potions, faeries, ghosts, blue fire,
etc. EXTREMELY useful.

Bottle #1: Win Talon's chicken game at Lon Lon Ranch after waking
Talon at Hyrule Castle. He will give you a bottle with some Lon
Lon Milk in it. To make it easier, first trap all the regular
chickens in a corner before starting.

Bottle #2: Gather all the chickens at Kakariko Village and put
them in the Chicken Woman's pen. Talk to her to get the bottle.
See the Chickens section below.

Bottle #3: Found by diving in Lake Hylia after gaining the Silver
Scale to dive deeper. Has a note in it. Give the note to the
Zora King to use the bottle for something else.

Bottle #4: Given to you from the Poe trader at the entrance to the
Market as adult Link. Bring him 10 Big Poe's and he'll give you
the bottle. See the Poe's section below.

Finding the Chickens:
There are 7 chickens to find in Kakariko village. Here are their
locations and how to get to them.

1 - Right near the entrance to the village.
2 - Right near the chicken woman's pen
3 - On the path up to the North part of town, where the guard and
Death Mountain are.
4 - Behind a fence next to the rich cursed family's door. Float
over with another chicken, then throw both chickens over the ledge
and then take them each to the pen.
5 - In the fenced off area in the Northeast part of town. This
one's tricky. Get a chicken and go up the steps by the chicken
pen. Now aim slantwise and run and jump off aiming for the corner
of the small fence on the ledge. This may take a few tries but
you can get over. If you can't seem to make it another thing to
try is throwing the chicken at the last second and grabbing the
edge of the fence. You can also try getting to the roof of the
house with the guy sitting on it and dropping down the other side.
Get up there by climbing up the very high lookout tower, facing
the construction site, then holding Z and tapping left+A to side
jump over the side and grab onto the fence. Now once you're over
throw the chicken back over the fence (if you used one), then grab
this chicken and throw it over too. Then hop over the fence and
bring it to the pen.
6 - Do the same as chicken 5, except this time after floating over
and throwing the chicken back, climb up the ladder to the ledge
where the windmill is. You should find the chicken somewhere up
7 - As you enter the town the first house on your left, with a red
roof, has a crate next to it's wall. Smash open the crate by
doing a roll attack. (Push A while running toward the crate.
You'll have to time it right.) The chicken is inside the crate.

Finding the Big Poe's:

The Big Poe's only appear in Hyrule Field as Adult Link while
riding Epona. Don't get them confused with regular poes, which
appear when you aren't riding Epona or when you go back to a Big
Poe location you already cleared. You'll know a Big Poe because
they fly away instead of attacking you, and it will say it's a Big
Poe when you put it in a bottle. Catch them by shooting them with
2 arrows then walking up to their remains. Make sure you have an
empty bottle. There are 10 Big Poe's to find and capture to bring
to the Poe Trader, who is at the entrance to Hyrule Castle.

1 - Center of Hyrule Field near a tree by the entrance to Lon Lon
2 - Middle right of Hyrule Field near a gray boulder down from the
Kokiri Forest entrance
3 - Top right of Hyrule Field near an overhang overlooking the
entrance to Kakariko Village. Try backing up Epona into the
4 - Center right of Hyrule Field along a brick wall right of Lon
Lon Ranch
5 - Center of Hyrule Field in front of Hyrule Castle, near a sign
pointing to Lon Lon Ranch
6 - Middle left of Hyrule Field on the paths leading into Gerudo
7 - Middle left of Hyrule Field up from Gerudo Valley
8 - Top left of Hyrule Field near some bushes by a stream
9 - Bottom right of Hyrule Field near a green tree and some bushes
(ride through the bushes)
10 - Bottom right of Hyrule Field near a rock in a grove of brown
trees (only comes out when you ride past the rock from a certain
angle, so is hard to get)